Company says Steve Rhode Unfair

Steve Rhode debt management scamThis author of this article states that Steve Rhode mis-characterized what they said, and reports some information and findings about him.

“I never implied that seeking bankruptcy and completing an education course delivered typically by credit counseling groups in order to qualify for bankruptcy meant you enroll in debt settlement.  Duh! That class is required 180 days prior to acceptance in a bankruptcy. I never said the class forces someone to enroll in debt settlement. My key point of the press release was that many people are unable to afford the payment in a credit counseling program, and thus must seek debt settlement.  Steve’s quick advice is to tell everyone to jump into bankruptcy because it worked for him. I find that foolish.”

Excerpts from comments:

“Steve Rhodes is an idiot who knows nothing about the debt relief industry. He falls behind on some bills, get debt collection calls from 3 dollar an hour debt collectors, and runs for the bankruptcy courthouse. More so, his site is chock full of negative fear mongering content.”

“lol funny post. Seems to me that Steve is throwing stones in a glass house. He is in the business of slandering companies on his website so he can have people pay him to apply to the people that advertise the same services on his website.”





Steer clear of what Steve Rhode says

I found a forum thread that recommends staying clear of Steve Rhode/Rhoads and what he says:

Ripoff Report: Beware. Steve Rhode is a fraud.

Here are some excerpts from a complaint on Ripoff Report about Steve Rhode:

” I learn that Steve and his co-founder were forced to resign from the company in late 2003.  Ah, but this gets better.  Steve resigned and appointed his wife as the President…so, Steve commits fraud, the state of California pursues him, and then he appoints his wife to run his company.  Yeah, things have really “changed” at Myvesta, the non-profit charing a $495 enrollment fee and a $200 per month “maintenance” fee.”

Some comments:

“Myvesta was a fully approved and registered IRS non-profit organization I founded in 1994 as Debt Counselors of America and latter changed its name to Myvesta. It closed it in 2006.”

“Anyone can read the whole story about the “interesting” interaction we had with the State of California late in 2002.”

Someone thinks Steve Rhode is a fraud.

Scam Informer: Steve Rhode

Here are some excerpts from a complaint from Scam Informer. It seems pretty harsh.

“I met this guy when he came to my house to help my parents “get out of debt”,”

“Why is he helping people?? Because he’s part of a prostitution ring that funnels young girls through Mexico and into European countries to sell to rich men.”

“Parents are usually very surprised when they find out what has been happening.”

And a comment from the page:

Comment: ” Steve Rhode is just luring people in with his website to resell their personal information as leads for financial gain”

Ripoff Report: Steve Rhode Sells Your Information?

Here are some excerpts from a complaint from Ripoff Report

Get Out Of Debt Guy Sells Private Information to Debt Settlement Companies


“Steve is no stranger to getting in trouble with the law such as the case with the state of California issuing a desist and refrain order for his unlicensed bill payment software.”

“If you could pay back your debts in 4 years with interest rates between 0-9%, why wouldn’t you do so in a credit counseling program?”

“Debt settlement certainly yields more money to banks than than bankruptcies or judgments, which is why they work for both parties not only to heal our economy but more importantly, help our clients resolve their debts and send their credit score back up. I’ve personally done a debt settlement and I’m happy to say my credit score isn’t trashed because I listened to some poor advice from the quick yet devastating bankruptcy advice from Steve Rhode.”

*Consumer Comment: Steve Rhode sued by Lloyd Ward for his unethical actions

Pissed Consumer: Steve Rhode Complaint


Here’s a complaint from Donnahardin51 at Pissed Consumer:

With a comment:

“The chap Steve Rhode of is more than a liar journalist. He is a opportunist blogger advertiser capitalist under the guise of a legitimate journalist. Steve Rhode blogs and tweets and creates online content all in the name of good old U.S. capital.”


I found out so much about Steve Rhode, Get out of debt guy

I will share some truth about how Steve Rhode extorts businesses by hosting potentially damaging, content-poor posts and comments.